Dry ice blasting – A highly modern blasting process

Dry ice blasting is the process of dry ice blasting. It is a revolutionary blasting process and the companies own the perfect dry ice blasting equipment. It is about CO2 in solidified form, which in turn is used as a blasting agent.

Environmentally friendly and gentle

Anyone who owns the dry ice blasting equipment uses a modern steel process. On the one hand, it is very environmentally friendly. On the other hand, it is about a gentle and above all production-enhancing alternative to all previous methods within industrial cleaning. Dry ice cleaning is always a professional solution. Here, the advantages are speed, effectiveness and cost minimization. It is worthwhile to have the procedure carried out by a renowned professional or to purchase the dry ice blasting equipment yourself.

Other advantages

Other advantages are that the process significantly reduces the amount of waste. Safety is paramount and high. The mobility is great, because the machines can be used variably and the cost containment is convincing. In addition, it is an ecological cleaning method of the extra class. The professionals who offer these devices sell high-quality products in the field of cleaning and also preparation. Be it for the automotive sector or within the industry, these devices have become indispensable. They are considered forward-looking and environmentally conscious. Dry ice blasting technology is innovative and popular. https://white-lion.eu/en/dry-ice-devices/

Surface treatment and preparation

Not only for cleaning, but also for surface treatment and surface preparation, dry ice blasting can be used. High-quality systems produce the dry ice at the manufacturer. The innovative technology is not subject to any restrictions with regard to the surfaces or materials to be cleaned. This future technology in industrial cleaning focuses on ecology, quality improvement cost reduction and more within the production processes. The interested party buys these revolutionary and industrial cleaning systems from the professional. The technologies are based on the modern methods of cleaning with dry ice blasting on all surfaces.

With a lot of experience, the manufacturers carry out the production, sale, development and service in the range of dry ice blasting processes and dry ice production machines or equipment. Emphasis is always placed on the production of new systems and the improvement of technology. The specific requirements of the customer are in the foreground. Here, cleaning systems are manufactured at the highest level. These are used in all branches of industry. International sales ensure the most innovative technology for business partners. If you seek advice, you can optimize the appropriate selection of suitable devices.

Only high-quality solutions are offered here when it comes to cleaning and preparation. Whether in the automotive industry, in the food industry or in any other industry: here, fast, effective, environmentally friendly and cost-effective cleaning is carried out at the highest level. The process is used for anti-germ coating, i.e. long-term sealing, and for hygiene with dry ice energy, cleaning with dry ice. This process is also used for mould and tool cleaning as well as for efficient car cleaning. The process is constantly being optimized.