Playing in virtual worlds – Exciting information

At the end of the 1980s, Jaron Larnier coined the term virtual reality. This refers to computer-generated virtual worlds that have an interactive play feature between humans and computers. Basically, these are virtual worlds that consist of computer-generated images and respond to a human action such as movement. Even though virtual worlds are artificially generated, however, they are very realistic for most players.

The ways to make the games look as realistic as possible are constantly improving. There are a variety of ways to immerse and move in this simulated world, such as the PC keyboard or even a very elaborate data suit, video goggles or even fiber optic data gloves. A virtual world fascinates the player because he has the possibility to slip into another role, as the virtual world is real for the user at that moment.

What virtual worlds are there?

There are a variety of ways to immerse yourself in virtual worlds. For example, there is the desktop VR, which shows a three-dimensional world on the display. To use it, you usually need VR glasses.
You can also use mirror systems to see your own image on the screen and thus move around in the virtual world. Something quite exciting is also to sit in a vehicle cockpit (spaceship, car, plane, etc.) thanks to a vehicle-based system and thus move in a simulated world. The perception here can be seen as very real.

A slightly different form of gaming is to move through cave systems in a room equipped with many screens, thus giving the user a realistic feeling. The virtual room moves with the player’s movements, and 3D glasses can further enhance the perception.

One of the most popular games


So far, no game has managed to hold a candle to the online role-playing game Word of Warcraft. Online, elves and orcs, all these terms are associated with World of Warcraft sooner or later. The title has experienced a groundbreaking success story since the beginning. Nowadays, this game is played by more than 11 million people all over the world, it is considered one of the best games when it comes to virtual worlds.

Also, you have the possibility of optimizing your heroes in the game with various equipment. However, this costs money and is not free. For this, WoW WOTLK Gold from is needed, which you can easily purchase online.

In the past, different developers have repeatedly tried to compete with WoW thanks to new ideas, but they have not yet been successful.

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